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Complete High School Guide

The Complete High School Guide to Preparing for College - Online Course


Complete High School Guide Create impressive applications to stand out against the crowd of applicants. Get into the college of your dreams and earn the scholarships to pay for it.

Do you know what makes an impressive college or scholarship application?

In this course, we will provide you with hands-on brainstorming activities that students can use to identify their interests, passions and unique qualities so that they can effectively focus their time during high school (while also having fun).

Families will also learn how to create a system for staying organized and on top of college-prep deadlines. Parents and students will be able to work together during high school to create a plan for how to prepare for the application process and never miss an important opportunity.

By the end of the course, you will have the inside scoop on how to stand out against other applicants and be well on your way to creating impressive applications!

Who is this course for?

Maybe this will be your first time sending a child to college and you want to make sure you do things right… Or, maybe you’ve been through the Complete High School Guide application process before with another child and you want it to be easier this time around…

This course is for you, if you are…

  • overwhelmed by all the information out there about preparing for college
  • ready to help your 8th-11th grader achieve their college and career dreams
  • worried that college will be a financial burden on your family
  • excited to be guided through the college planning process, step-by-step

What topics will we cover?

You’ll learn…

  • a simple step-by-step process to get on track and stay on track
  • what makes a successful college or scholarship applicant
  • how to stay on top of deadlines with your perfect organizational system
  • what to do each year of high school to ensure your child is prepared for college
  • how you can make the essay portion of the application easier
  • the importance of demonstrating leadership
  • the difference between leadership and being outgoing
  • how to identify the right activities for your student during high school
  • why it’s important for your child to take initiative and create their own opportunities
  • how you can help your child discover their passions - and WHY this is so important
  • the importance of giving back to the community
  • how your student can understand and leverage their skills and abilities

Check out the curriculum below to see everything that we will cover in the course!

The Introduction

  • Welcome and Introduction (4:09)
  • Copyright Information

The System

  • Understanding the Obstacles (2:08)
  • Getting Organized (3:35)
  • Making a Commitment to Planning (1:32)
  • Importance of a System (1:54)

Academics and Testing

  • Academics and Testing Overview (0:36)
  • Understanding GPA
  • Advanced Placement (AP): Courses, Tests, and Benefits
  • Standardized Testing (1:50)
  • SAT vs ACT
  • Testing Tips and Strategies

Activities and Involvement

  • Activities and Involvement Overview (0:26)
  • Extracurricular Activities (2:02)
  • Academic Clubs
  • Community Involvement (1:42)
  • Leadership Experience (1:42)
  • Honors and Awards (0:46)
  • Work Experience (1:36)
  • Specific Interests (1:14)

Application Materials

  • Application Materials Overview (0:39)
  • Resumes (1:40)
  • Tips for Creating a Resume
  • Essays and Personal Statements (1:44)
  • Tips for Writing Great Essays
  • Letters of Recommendation (1:21)

Dedication, Depth, and Distinction

  • The Activities (2:54)
  • Activity 1: What are my interests? (0:22)
  • Activity 2: What am I dedicated to? (1:15)
  • Activity 3: How can I show depth and distinction? (2:45)

The Plan

  • Creating Your College List (1:05)
  • Your College Prep Plan (0:44)
  • Setting Goals and Tracking Progress (0:54)

The Examples

  • College Applications (1:15)
  • Scholarship Applications (0:35)
  • BONUS: Successful Applicants (0:53)

    Bonus Lectures

    • How to Find Scholarships (4:41)
    • Make the Most of College Tours
    • Career Exploration
    • Understanding Financial Aid Awards and Scholarships
    • 529 Savings Plans
    • Managing a Budget in College

    The Future

    • For Your Information (1:02)
    • For Your Information Moving Forward – College Acceptance (1:34)
    • Resources
    The Downloads
    • Course Downloads

    After purchasing, you will receive a welcome email and information about how to access the course. Complete High School Guide

    What's in the bundle?

    The Complete High School Guide BUNDLE includes our online course: The Complete High School Guide to Preparing for College AND our ScholarPrep Organizer - Portfolio Edition (you'll save $25 by bundling our best sellers).
    Complete High School Guide

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews Write a review

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