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Why ScholarPrep?


Getting money for college takes planning and organization. ScholarPrep is a comprehensive planning and organizational system to ensure students are prepared to compete for college acceptance and the scholarships they need to pay for their education.

Parent Testimonials

"This is a fantastic book. It has made the daunting task of preparing for college so much easier! It allows us to keep everything extremely organized. We will never have to second guess whether or not we are missing something. I am so thankful that we got this my daughter's freshman year of high school!"

Angi - Mother of a High School Freshman

“I simply don’t think that the high school counselors have enough time to focus on each student. I’ve called and all I get is “visit our page on the website.” I do and I’m overwhelmed. I want someone to hold my hand through the process. By using ScholarPrep, we are able to set clear goals and objectives with key milestones. This means less pressure on me as the parent and clarity for my son.”

Eugenia - Mother of a High School Junior