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Fundraisers with a purpose

With all of the opportunities that exist for students to get involved - there is an increasing need for groups and organizations to hold fundraisers to support student engagement. Unfortunately, we only need so many candles, chocolate bars, suckers, wrapping paper and magazines. We think fundraisers should support your cause, while also having a purpose.

ScholarPrep fundraisers allow you to make college more accessible and to help students earn the scholarships they need to pay for their educationYou will be giving parents and students a resource to help them on their college-bound journey – at a discount, while earning money for your cause!

ScholarPrep is a tracking and organizational system that prepares families for the college and scholarship application process. Our ScholarPrep Organizers encourage students to start planning for their future as soon as they begin their freshman year of high school by setting goals, getting organized and tracking their progress.

"The Freshman classes at Forsyth High School have been provided the ScholarPrep Organizers each of the past three years. These books have proven to be a valuable tool for parents and students alike as they navigate the road towards post-secondary education. The organizers are easy to use, succinct in their instructions, and provide a tangible one-stop-shop for all of the various elements necessary for college admission. I highly recommend this product!" - Christian Meier, Principal at Forsyth High School

Interested in learning more? Check out our Fundraiser Information Packet or submit a Fundraiser Application today!

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