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Did you know planning for college starts freshman year of high school?

Planning for CollegeWhy should students start planning freshman year?

High school officially begins as soon as your child graduates from 8th grade; anything they do after that day can be included on their high school resume for college and scholarship applications. Therefore, freshman year of high school is the perfect time to start planning for college, even if it seems like college is so far away.

How to avoid the obstacles to college acceptance and winning scholarships:

  1. One of the major obstacles that students face when applying to college is knowing what information they need to be tracking for the application process. Typically, students never see a college or scholarship application until the sit down to fill one out; however, by this time it is too late to create a competitive application.
  2. The other obstacle that students will face is trying to remember all of the details of their high school activities and achievements. By starting the planning process early, students are able to set goals and track and organize their information over four years.

There is no way to know in high school what the perfect choices are to prepare for college, as students frequently change their minds. However, we do not want is for your child to reach their senior year and realize they should have taken the ACT test one more time, or that a scholarship they need is going to someone with just a few more volunteer hours. The only way to ensure that students don’t miss out on opportunities is through proper planning and preparation.

The ScholarPrep Organizer is a planning and organizational system for students and parents to use together to take the stress out of planning. It covers every section that your child will encounter on a college or scholarship application, provides helpful tips and information, helps them set goals and track the information that they will need to fill out applications. It also keeps their application materials organized into folders so that everything is together in one place.

ScholarPrep Organizer

Why ScholarPrep?

ScholarPrep was initially created to make college more accessible and to help students earn the scholarships they need to pay for their education. As we have worked with families, we have found that by engaging students in the planning process, they are able to learn life-long skills for success. The self-confidence they gain by actively determining their own future is something they will carry with them through high school, college and into the job market. Learning the value of planning, organization, education, taking initiative, giving back to the community, developing their interests and pursuing their passions will ensure that they will find success and fulfillment in life. Ultimately, ScholarPrep empowers students to explore their interests, create opportunities and develop their abilities so that they may follow their dreams.

How was ScholarPrep created?

ScholarPrep was created by a mother-daughter team based on their personal experiences with the college and scholarship application process. After going through this overwhelming and stressful process they decided to create something to make it easier for the next kid. ScholarPrep helps parents and students prepare, without stress, without getting overwhelmed, without missing out on opportunities. ScholarPrep is a planning and organizational system that will keep you on track and ensure that you are prepared when it comes time to sit down to fill out applications.

Order your Organizer today! 

No worrying about whether you’re missing deadlines or overlooking important opportunities. No wondering whether your student’s application will stand out. No stressing out about how you’re going to finance your child’s education without a plan in place. You will have peace of mind knowing that your child is on track and ready for college and scholarships!

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